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Current Wiki Project

As we are a new Wiki, we are a very incomplete database and need a lot of work but we can't just rush in and get everything finished. Although anyone is welcome to edit any page and 'Help Out', editors should divert most of their attention to the current Wiki Project. Once that project is complete, a new project will take its place so eventually we will be a complete Wiki! You can vote and nominate for the next project here.

Our second project is this page which needs to be completed. This is a simple page listing all the icons in the game and should have a format as follows: After a brief introduction there should be a heading for 'Buttons' which should include a full list of buttons (e.g 'Jump') with each button having its own subheading. After there should be another heading titled 'Miscellaneous Icons' which should include the 'Stars' and 'Muffin' with each having a subheading. All icons must have pictures.

News of the Wiki
  • Polish Muffin Knight Wiki has started! 6th February 2013
  • We have completed our first Wiki Project! Let's keep it up! 19th October 2012
  • The forums are up and running and tutorials have been made to help with the new talk boxes! 16th August 2012
  • We have a new admin: Taposa! 8th August 2012
  • We are in drastic need of some editors, admins and moderators so come and help out! 14th July 2012
  • Goodbye to Decca03 and SW8573 who both unfortunately left the Wiki! 10th July 2012
  • Another admin has been chosen; well done to SW8573! 23rd June 2012
  • Congratulations to our new administrator Decca03! 14th June 2012
  • We've reached 50 articles! 8th June 2012
  • The Home Page, the page you are looking at now has been completely revamped! 4th May 2012
  • The Muffin Knight Wiki is created! 1st Jaunuary 2012