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Windmill 1


Unlock Requirements

Knight Mode

Get 10 Muffins in a single game of the Graveyard or become level ??.

Prince Mode

Get 15 Muffins in a single game of the Graveyard or become level ??.

King Mode

No information

Dark Lord Mode

No information.

Emperor Mode

No information

The Windmill is the fourth level, with Graveyard preceding it.


The Windmill has six platforms, one place where Enemies spawn, above the another platform (which is above the Pit of Doom), and with two platforms on either side of the map. The highest level carries the spawning place, as usual, and enemies go two opposite routes depending on which way they are facing and cross paths at the middle platform.

In this level, it is suggested to use the Perk Double Jump, since you can jump from the first platform straight to the top.


Turtle Turtle
Large Turtle Large Turtle
Flying Turtle Flying Turtle


Windmill 2

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